The Violin...
Gouache 65cm x 92.5cm  (26” x 37”)  2003  ©
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  The bow stroked gently, across the string's face
Slowly and sensually, like a slow dance
The love of these soulmates, heard in sweet music
Two lovers engaged, in a torrid romance

The bow without strings
A sad lover unfolds
But together a concert
For our human souls

The sound of the strings
Like a cry caused by pain
Then lifting our hearts
To soar once again

The two in a ballet
As they weave to and fro
The strings are the stage
For its lover, the bow

May the violin, be like our lives
Wonderful music, heard by all things
You be the bow, in our lover's ballet
I'll be your partner...I’ll be your strings

copyright (c) 2002 all rights reserved
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