The Candle of Love

A never-ending night of restlessness

Not really awake…but not really asleep

Thoughts of yesterday or thoughts of tomorrow?

Not really thoughts…but thoughts just the same

Outside, just darkness…no movement by any creature

Inside, tossing and turning in the darkness of night

Ears listen to eerie creaks…eyes stare at an unseen ceiling

Nothing can end this emptiness…but the welcome emergence of dawn

At dawn’s first faint light, birds break into a raucous chorus of singing

Walls glow a reddish pink, painted by the morning sun

And what of the darkness of a sinful world?

Driven away by the dawn of God’s light…the humble birth of a baby

The birth of our eternal dawn…the dawn of no more darkness

Light the Candle of Love…

     copyright (c) 2002 all rights reserved
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