Before the Thunder
Gouache 74cm x 105 cm  2003  ©
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In our lives we sometimes experience sudden, dramatic, life-changing events...a death, an illness, financial disaster, a broken marriage, a lost career.  But these events can also take the form of sweet ecstasy...a new love, a new baby, a new career, a new home.  Like lightning,, these events often strike when we least expect them, and where we least expect them…
…Random, uncontrolled, and indefensible...we are forced to live with what the lightning leaves.

Just when we think that all is well
And life is smooth and sweet
A lightning bolt, strikes from afar
And knocks us from our feet

We do not see it coming
This jolt can leave a mess
We sit firmly in our comfort zone
Not watching, we confess

This jolt can also start our lives
And touch an aching heart
Bring love and hope and fantasy
Give life a brand-new start
Lightning is bound to hit us
We cannot hide away
We can't control its pathway
No matter what we say

Like the randomness of lightning
Our lives start new each day
We hope some lightning hits us
And we pray some stays away

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