Look for God

 Look for God…but where?
Listen for God…but how?

 Is God really invisible
Or have we forgotten how to see?

Is God’s voice inaudible
Or have we forgotten how to hear?

Look for God…in wisps of rising smoke
Drifting heavenward, just like our prayers for you

Listen for God…in the sound of falling snow
Silent, like our prayers for you, but real just the same

Look for God…in the breeze beneath a bird’s wing
Like our love…lifting and carrying you

 Listen for God…in the voice of an innocent child
Like our love, not judging…but picking you up if ever you fall

Look for God…in the richness of black soil
The rich soil that we are …for growing in God

Surrounded by God…just look and listen
Just look and listen…to see and hear God

To see and hear God…in the people we are

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