Journeying to the Promised Land…over the hills and through the valleys

Moving slowly…and learning along the way

Over high hill and valley low…and then we came to the river

Not the river of the Promised Land…not the river of milk and honey

A river of swirling waters…much too swift to cross

But we must carry on to the Promised Land…where do we go from here?

Look for calmer water…call this the Promised Land?...or maybe build a bridge?

We have no wood or iron…how can we build a bridge?

If we each become a piece…together we can be the bridge

I will go first…hold my hand

Step by step, hand by hand, heart by heart…into the swirling water

A living, breathing bridge…reaching the other side

The last one’s safe…a great lesson learned

To reach the Promised Land we must travel together

Travel together, to ford the swift rivers…with the strong carrying the weak

Travel together, where young help the old…and old teach the young

Together, no hill too high, no valley too low, no river too deep

To keep us from reaching the Promised Land

re-trace your steps

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