I Know a Place...
 gouache on acid free card 76 cm x 102 cm


I know a place... a special place. It's a place where families gather and share in the delight and boisterousness of being a family... and a place where one explores the immense expanse of being alone.  At times, it's a lush, green and cool space; oft times, warm and sun-drenched... yet it can be a silent, white and frozen space.

It's a place where broken bodies mend,  and where damaged souls go to heal... a place where the sweet sadness of times past are savoured, and where new memories come alive and flourish. Grief knows this place, but so does the joy and wonder of everything living and vital...

And if you linger here...just long enough
... God might let you peek at His plans.

Richard R. Gaunt 2000

        copyright (c) 2002 all rights reserved

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