Spirit Island B...
gouache on acid free card 76 cm x 102 cm

Where is this place called Spirit Island?
What would it look like?
What sounds would we hear?

There is a place called Spirit Island
A lovely, healing and gentle place
But where do we look to find it?
And would we know it if we saw its face?

A place with a name like Spirit Island
Must be a special place indeed
A place where all our cares are lost
A place where all our souls are freed

Is Spirit Island a place on Earth
Or is it found up in the skies?
Can we walk on it with our earthly feet
Or on angel wings do we need to fly?

Is Spirit Island a place we all can go
Or is it reserved for just a very few?
Is there room for thousands and thousands
Or just enough room for one or two?

I am going to search for Spirit Island
An unending search my whole life through
When I find Spirit Island, I'll send out an invitation
Especially written just for you

On this search for Spirit Island
We all can do our part
To finding our own Spirit Island
Just by looking inside our hearts.

        copyright (c) 2002 all rights reserved

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