The Lonely Cross
gouache on acid free card 60 cm x 88 cm

As you gaze across the vast expanse of a beautiful prairie sunset,
your eye is interrupted by something in the hollow of a ditch...
...a small white cross, with faded plastic flowers

What does this cross mean...what story could it tell?

A small white cross stands alone and forlorn
As the slow-setting sun casts shadows around
This lonely white cross with faded fake flowers
Shouts out its story, without making a sound

The story's a sad one
With events we don't know
No debris and no wreckage
Just the loss of a soul
Who departed this place
Where the cross bravely stands?
Were they old-timers or youngsters
With hair of gray or long golden strands?

This cross guards the memories
Through darkness and light
Through hot summer days
And through cold winter nights

While the cross stands alone
Its purpose is clear
Savour the life here on Earth
And hold very tightly, to the ones you love dear

The cross is a reminder
That somewhere out there
Is a table with a family
And a lone empty chair

So savour the sunsets
Through life's victories and loss
But please don't forget
That lonely white cross

        copyright (c) 2002 all rights reserved

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