Angel of Mercy
gouache on acid free card 75 cm x 100 cm
Co-Authored with Jesse Clifford Hildebrand

A car hurtles along the highway, like an uncontrolled missile,

A bicycled young boy accidentally strays into the missile’s path

As tires lock and swerve, in a screech that shouts out danger,

I desperately call out his name

Each moment is a freeze-frame,

Recording every movement in slow motion

Mechanized Death bearing down,

On this sweet, innocent, unknowing child

The senses brace for the inevitable crash,

A crash that will end his life and change mine forever

The wait is momentary, and never-ending just the same,

And just as hopelessness completely engulfs my heart

An Angel of Mercy reaches down
And carries my grandson to safety

Thank You God,
Thank You

        copyright (c) 2002 all rights reserved
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