Love ... But not in Love
gouache on acid free card 86 cm x 81 cm

A painting speaking of that most
common, most beautiful, and sometimes
most painful of relationships... that of
two people. While they may love each
other, they may not be in love.

The butterfly image in this painting
represents such a relationship.  Two
wings; mirror images of each other.
Each wing represents one person in the
relationship.  The unblemished, intact
wing represents the person whose love
radiates towards its mate.  The shattered,
mirror-like wing, representing the
second person, has become incapable
of reflecting back the other's love.  The
result is a relationship and a family
circle which are broken forever.

Like a butterfly, a loving relationship
depends equally on both wings; each a
perfectly mirrored image of the other's love...

...beautiful, strong, and unbroken

      copyright (c) 2002 all rights reserved
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